30 June 2007

Auto Seat Covers for Every Model of Car

To preserve the originality of your seats auto seat covers are a great option for this purpose. The main motive of installing cover to your seats is to guard them against the roughness, dampness, wear and tear due to kids and pets.

For smooth and secured drive it is highly advisable that you install a high quality and long-lasting auto seat covers to your car seats. They are made available in varied materials like that of cotton canvas, sheepskin, neoprene, poly-cotton and velour. If you are worried about the colors matching, you will be surprised by knowing that there are about 34 different colors available which will surely suit your desires and the most important it will go well with your car too.

You will discover that they are obtainable almost in any size and fittings which includes universal fit, semi-custom and custom fit car. Today they are available in a fabric which has the capability of heating and cooling down the fabric when you are in drive. These protective guards will not only safe guard the seating but it will also add over all looks to your car.

Those car owners who are willing to add sporty looks to their vehicle then they can very well go with the option of covers which has been designed in a sporty style. You have to make a choice whether you are going to give changes for a single sitting or for the overall sitting. If you are looking for the budget based and one which adds solid looks along with the option of comfort and durability then consider installing a universal sport mesh set. This set is very easy in installation without any need of additional tools. This set is very comfy and stylish in looks. Some colors which are popular all over the world are gray, red and blue all comes with the combination of black color for the perfect match up almost with all interiors.

Universal auto seat covers includes bonus back seat shoulder pads, two front seat cover, two piece back seat covers and two head rest covers. You will have a pleasant drive with no trouble in comforts no matter you are going for a long drive or for a short.

If you are willing to go for something which is luxurious and stylish in looks you can very well go ahead in your decision. As there are many auto seat covers which are designed to suit the taste of luxury people. The other option available for the car owners is to go with the custom made seat cover. This option is mostly suitable for those car owners who are not able to find an appropriate cover for their seat or those who are willing to add their own designs. Most manufactures make use of the attractive colors and designs to suit the taste and budget of every car owner. One of the most important points over here is to select a good fabric in them for its long life.

27 June 2007

Protect your paint with Car Bras and Car Covers

Often times, he would come out and inspect my work. If it wasn’t up to his ridged standards, he’d make me do it over and over until it was right.

Once, I didn’t rinse out one of his terry cloth washing towels enough. Apparently, there was a bit of microscopic grit caught in the fibers, which caused subtle swirls in the paint. A normal person would have been hard pressed to see them, but my dear old dad noticed right away.

“You don’t see that?” he screamed. “Look closer!”

I still have the scar on my cheek from where he pushed my face against the fender and the trim caught my soft 12-year old skin.

There was another memorable incident when I suggested we use the carwash at the corner gas station. Pop threw a fit. He was screaming about how the brushes would ruin the paint. I made the mistake of saying that lots of people use them, so they shouldn’t hurt anything.

“Anything, ANYTHING?!? I’ll show you ‘anything’,” he wailed.

He drove us down the street and I’m not sure why nobody from the station stopped him, but pushed me into the carwash and turned it on. I got out pretty fast without any real physical damage, though I was soaked and quite upset.

Perhaps it was karma and fortunately for me, he got into a car accident when I was 14. Bound to his wheelchair, he was no longer a threat. If he started to get aggressive, I’d just go upstairs or simply out run him.

Nonetheless and to this day, I still have issues washing and waxing my car. It brings back some pretty nasty memories, so I like to do it as infrequently as possible. And of course, after the early trauma, I’ve never been too keen on the auto carwashes, so I needed to find alternatives.

One of the first things I started doing was equipping my cars with bras From my experience, most of the stuff that dirties up your car or mars the paint comes from the front while driving. A nice fitting bra deflects or blocks rocks, bugs and various fluids that would otherwise mean the type of maintenance that I loathe.

I also started using car covers. At first, it was those generic one-size-fits-most covers, but I soon realized that a custom fit cover kept the car cleaner and again meant fewer washings. I have a couple of ideas as to why the form-fitting covers are better at keeping the grime away. The first is fairly straightforward – the tighter, contour-hugging fit keeps filth from slipping up under the gaps. My second idea as to why is quite basic too - you get what you pay for. Whenever I buy something and try to cut a corner, that is, go with the cheaper option, I get a raw deal. So, naturally the cheaper car cover is going to fail and the more expensive is the way to go.

Hopefully, none of you had to deal with a jerk father like I had, but I do hope that my tips about ways to keep your car clean without having to wash it all that often make your life just a bit easier.

25 June 2007

Buy Online Hyundai Accent Car

Hyundai is a famed band that has always been awarded to manufacture products so as to satisfy its wide spread consumers. It has managed to keep the consumers happy with their products.

The products manufactured by this brand have fetched great admiration from the customers. Hyundai cars have come over as trusted name having updated technology and are tagged with a reasonable price. It often becomes very difficult for one to select one among the vast list of car models. Hyundai cars have come up with an advanced version which has made it difficult to trace the most efficient and resourceful product for your home.

Hyundai Accent is a worthy car model that has attained great fame and name over the period. It has been topped in the list and stand among the top rated list of vehicles. It is a tuner to look at with an eye-catching chassis. The interior has got to feature a quiet cabin, which is further bundled by a good stereo. It boasts of a great warranty which is counted as among few of the reason to consider the purchase of this car.

Hyundai accent has got to feature 1.6 liter engine and promises complete proficiency with the fuel economy. It has a new trim level which is known as the "Blue". This makes it stand as an apt purchase option for the budget-conscious customers. Hyundai accent models are front wheel drive having a five speed manual transmission.

Accent is available in a sedan or two-door hatchback where sedan is only offered in GLS models. The car is instilled with standard safety features which comprise of front seat side impact airbags as well as full-length head curtain airbags.

The Hyundai car has got outside mirrors which is further set coupled by a tilt adjustable steering wheel, a rear wiper/washer, air conditioning, and remote hood release. As optional features, Hyundai Accent feature a keyless entry, power accessories, alarm, six speaker CD/MP3 stereo along with satellite radio and a USB jack. Buy Hyundai to enjoy an optimal mileage that is rated at 28mpg city and 34mpg when taken on highway.

Further, Hyundai Accent price is set varied with its SE and GS versions. These models are concluded to be the advanced versions of Hyundai Accent. It is equipped with other standard features such as a sunroof, 16 inch alloy wheels, firmer suspension, fog lamps, leather wrapped steering wheel, steering wheel mounted audio controls, and ABS brakes. Bluetooth is set optional with all these models.

22 June 2007

Car Stereo Buying Guide

Car Stereo Buying Guide I’ve seen a lot of people asking what kind of car stereo would best fit their ride and I have seen a lot of people get frustrated of their car stereo just because of following someone’s advice. Don’t let this happen to you. You can avoid the common mistakes done by a lot of people in choosing their car stereo by following the guidelines that I’m about to give you. You might say, “Okay Richard, is this a sales pitch?” not even close. The truth is that a lot of people are seeking advice from others not realizing that those people are not the best ones to ask about the matter and in turn could have a negative effect after having bought the car stereo. Commonly, they get frustrated. Let’s face it, some people love to give advice even if they don’t know anything or just a little about the matter.

So what should you do now?

Follow these guidelines and tips before purchasing a car stereo.

1. Decide on what type of car stereo you want, will it be a plain tuner, cassette player, CD player, DVD player, HDD stereo, car stereo with video, 1 ½ din player (GM/Chrysler Fit) or any combination of the above.

2. When you see someone with a nice car stereo or know someone who has a nice car stereo, try to ask them the brand and model of that car stereo unit, ask them about the good and bad things it has and ask them if they would recommend that kind of stereo but don’t buy just yet or you might end up like the one I was talking about above “Frustrated”.

3. After having a list of car stereo, go to a store and ask the salesperson for a demo. Pay close attention to what the salesperson is talking about so you could compare what he is saying with what the person you asked about the car stereo will tell you.

4. Listen carefully to the sound that the car stereo is producing. Take note if the sound has a loud bass, clear or if the feature can produce both sound. Some people like the sound of loud bass while some go for clarity. It’s just a matter of preference but personally, I’ll go with the one that could produce both a loud bass and a clear sound.

5. Inspect the feature of the car stereo if the quality of sound can be easily manipulated like the bass, mid and high frequency and check if the car stereo control is user friendly and driver friendly.

6. Inspect the specification if it will be compatible with the current speakers you have (if you have speakers already) or not. This is a better way than having to buy a new set of speakers if your speaker’s circuitry is damaged by the power of the stereo because some stereo are so powerful that it could easily damage speakers.

7. The technology of car stereos are evolving the way computers evolve so consider new features like iPOD, Bluetooth, GPS and such if you plan to attatch this devices into your car stereo. Not every car stereo out in the market is iPOD, Bluetooth and GPS ready. So choose wisely.

8. Take into consideration future enhancement and sound expansion. I mean like having expanded bass and separates for better sounds. Inspect whether the car stereo unit has expansion inputs and outputs. You might decide in the future to join a car sound set-up competition. ?…

9. Warranty. Check the warranty, the longer warranty period, the better.

10. Select a price range and eliminate those that does not fit in your list of car stereos. (consider all the guidelines above before eliminating some stereo from your list).

Having followed these guidelines, you should have a list car stereo that will match your expectation. Again, it’s just a matter of choice depending on your preferences and other factors to consider like the price.

Now for the sales pitch ? (kidding).

There are a lot of good car stereo brand out there too many to mention here some of the many brands are Alpine, Kenwood, Bose, Sony, Eclipse and Pioneer car stereo which has 2 kinds, the Pioneer Car Stereo and the Pioneer Premier Car Stereo.

Whichever you choose depends on you.

The bottomline is choose wisely so you can avoid getting frustrated and not end up spending more money.

That’s it for now.

For more information on car stereo and exciting new updates you may go to my blog at http://www.pioneercarstereoplanet.com/blog.

20 June 2007

Land Rover and Jaguar repairs stations in Dallas

The land rover was first launched in 1948 .Post launch it has grown bigger init acclaim in the automobile industry. The robust structure, strength and its versatile capability to adapt superbly in the harshest surrounding has earned its own place. The uniqueness of this mighty vehicle lies in the fact that it has stood the test of toughest terrains on earth. The initial Land Rover design went through many additions and subtractions over the years. Now, a vehicle of such heritage needs to be handled with utmost passion and care.

Land Rover repairs Dallas has facilities that specialize in repairing and fixing the entire range. If a sturdy vehicle like this one has been damaged then it is time for intensive and scrutinized repair work. You need to the listed tips in mind before selecting any service station for both Land Rover and Jaguars.

  • They should have trained and experienced technicians
  • They should be aware of the latest technical updates about the vehicle.
  • Exclusive tools
  • Authentic and authorized auto body parts
  • Provides guarantee post repairs
  • Free pick up and drop
  • Friendly customer support
  • Transparent billing system
  • Computer analysis at par with factory standards
  • Engine repair
  • Fluids check
  • Air conditioner service and repair
  • Brakes and clutch repair

Jaguar repair Dallas offers a similar kind of exclusivity. Jaguar has long story of evolution till 1934 when it was officially unveiled to the public. It has grown from simple passenger car to symbol beyond luxury for people. The Jaguar repair Dallas has successfully kept up to the expectation of its owners in terms if reliability and service. They have qualified engineers, authorization from manufactures and is popular service provider among people. Cars like Jaguars, land rovers, BMWs Mercedes, Audi are just not cars , they are recognized as a distinct and separate entity. Repairing these cars is done with sincere most dedication to sustain the magnificence of these four wheels. At a click of finger, you can have a list of certified Land Rover and Jaguar Service stations in Dallas.

18 June 2007

Satellite Radio for Cars

Satellite radio is the hottest, new way to stream music to its listeners. With a low monthly fee, you can enjoy commercial-free broadcasting that is heard nearly anywhere. Enjoy cd quality sound with minimal grey areas. National Stations allow you to listen to the same great channel no matter how far away from the big city you may be. They also offer hundreds of stations to suit your needs. So whether you like oldies, rock, talk, hip-hop, or sports, they have the station that you desire.

Will it fit?

Universal Tuners and Satellite Integration products make it possible for you to enjoy satellite radio no matter what vehicle you own. Improvements in technology have made dash mount units smaller and easier to operate. Antennas are now about the size of a matchbook and can easily mount inside on your dash or outside on your roof without the eyesore of the once larger satellite antenna.

Most aftermarket radios are now equipped to work as a Satellite Receiver so no dash mount controller is needed. Look for the SAT READY logo on your CD receiver to see if a tuner is available. SAT READY units display channel number and song titles, and allow you to scroll through channels like a standard radio station.

OEM integration is also available for select Vehicles. Manufacturers like PACC and Directed make tuners that will adapt to your factory radio to function as if it was sold with the Vehicle. No Dash alteration is necessary, units plug directly into factory harness without splicing so there is no worry about voiding factory warranties. Channel information displays on factory radio just like a regular radio station.

Sirius? Or FM?

$12.95/mo Over 130 channels of commercial free music and talk radio. Home of Howard Stern, NFL and NASCAR premium channels such as Playboy radio are also available for an additional charge.

$12.95/mo 170 Channels of digital music. XM is proud to Host MLB, NHL, College games, and PGA tour. For the business man they offer breaking news reports from channels such as CSPAN, CNN, CNBC, and BBC.

What's new with Satellite radio?

Both satellite companies now offer NavTraffic updates. If you have a built-in navigation unit, you can now get local traffic updates in real-time. For just a low monthly fee your Navigation unit will allow you to Navigate around traffic and bad weather conditions.

14 June 2007

The Secret To Door Panels And Door Speakers

For some, the prospect of changing out speakers is a daunting one, since you have to remove the door panels to access the speakers tucked away within its walls. They are not a tricky as they seem, if you know the right techniques.

The first thing to do is to locate any screws holding the panel in place. These are generally found in or under the armrest piece, in the door opener latch, or near the bottom of the door panel. Remove as many as you can find to start.

With the screws removed, you will need to carefully pry the door panel off the door. Start in the bottom corner nearest the speaker. Gently pull the panel until it pops loose. There are usually several clips holding it in place. Work around the bottom of the door panel popping the clips out. Be careful to not break them, because you will need them to reinstall it. Continue around the outside of the panel until you have removed as many of the clips as you can. If you have power windows, doors, etc, remove the control panel from the door panel. It is usually clipped in place, and can be carefully pried out. Look for small notches that may give away the position of the clips. If you have mechanical windows, you will need to push the door panel into the door at the window crank, and look for the snap ring clip holding it in place. With a thin flathead screwdriver, pop the clip loose, taking special note of where it goes, as you will need it to secure the piece back in place. Once this is removed, you should have enough clearance to reach the speaker. If not, you can attempt to completely remove the door panel by sliding it upwards and out of the window compartment. You may be caught up by the door opener latch. These can be a little tricky, as some will slide in place horizontally, screw in, or pop out. Look for screws, and if you don't find any, try sliding it horizontally towards the inside. If that doesn't work, see if it pops straight out. It will be connected to the bars that pull the door latch, so they will have to be positioned correctly for the door panel to be removed. If there is a triangular piece of trim in the top corner of the door panel, you will need to remove it also. It also clips in place and can be removed. This should allow the door panel to slide out, assuming you have disconnected the control panels electrical wires.

You should now be in full view of the door speaker. it can be removed by removing the four screws holding it in place. You may also find that the connectors on these speakers won't work for your aftermarket ones, so you will have to clip the wires and attach the end connectors provided with your speakers. Pay attention to positive and negative here. If you are unsure of what is what, there are a few ways to check. Look at the terminals on the factory speaker. It may have a "+" and "-" sign designating positive and negative. If it doesn't tell you, you can log on to installdr.com and look up the color codes for the speaker, or try the battery test. Take a good charged battery and place one of the factory speaker wires (attached to the speaker) on the positive, and one on the negative of the battery. If the speaker pushes out, the polarity is correct as you have it, and attach the wires accordingly. If it pushes in, the polarity is reversed, so reverse the battery and try again. If it pushes out, wire the speakers following that polarity.

Install the speaker in the door by replacing the 4 screws and securing it in place, and reinstalling the door panel. be sure to slide it back down in place, and line up the clips exactly before applying pressure to reattach them. You don't want to break any of those. Finish screwing the door in place, then attach the window control panel/window crank, and congratulations, your done!

12 June 2007

Rolls Royce Phantom Saloon Review

If you have money to burn, then the Rolls Royce Phantom is the car for you, particularly if you have a driver to ferry you about from one arrangement to another and want to feel like royalty in the process. Inside the car you can have as many fantastic accessories as you can afford to adorn your vehicle, and the car has very small windows in the back to respect the privacy of the regal passenger. The back does have rear hinged doors though, which may take a bit of getting used to if you are not the queen. It doesn't make or a graceful exit if you haven't done it before! If you are driving however, don't be alarmed, although it looks like the goliath of the motor world, it moves just like Cinderella,. There are simple knobs inside which control all the major aspects of the car, including the heating, satellite navigation and entertainment systems.

Designed by the English and built in Germany, this car is massive and won't fit in your standard garage. It will double up as a bomb shelter in the need of respite from a nuclear war, so you have nothing to worry about there.

If you are on a restricted, or in fact, any sort of budget, then this isn't the car for you. Weighing in at a minimum of £275,990 for the basic model, you will need to remortgage the house to afford this luxurious, limousine style grandeur. But if money is no object, then splurge!

Trying to insure this car may also be difficult. Go online for Cheap Car Insurance and see if you can save yourself some pennies!

10 June 2007

Mazda Parts: Guaranteed to Fit and Perform at the Optimum Level

Mazda is currently one of the world’s largest automobile manufacturer companies in terms of global unit sales. The brand actually had its origin as a japanese company. Mazda has established itself in the field of manufacturing Cars, Trucks, SUVs and other vehicles and came a long way in the field of automobiles manufacturing since its establishment in 1920.
Mazda has developed a new trend in the world of cars with excellent engineering and ingenious designs. From a small, Japanese, machine-tools Company called Toyo Cork Kogyo Co., Ltd founded by Jujiro Matsuda, the company soon ventured into automobile production and now stands at the top.

Affordable price and thrilling experience – these are the very assets of Mazda automotives. Due to these features the brand has gained popularity across the globe. Owning a Mazda car is an excellent investment and a status symbol. If one owns a car like Mazda Tribute or Mazda 6, it deserves nothing less than the best maintenance and care. A car like Mazda is made up of its excellent motor parts and to maintain it in its best way it’s important to use the original Mazda Parts. A Mazda car promises Style, Spirit Power and Performance but only with genuine Mazda parts.

Mazda parts are well equipped and full of power as well as are widely accessible. When it comes to Mazda, style never comes after function. Vehicle parts, like the Mazda 626 alternator, radiators, fuel tanks, pickup engine parts, bumpers, tail lamps are crucial to your vehicle's effectiveness. It means that getting original Mazda parts is an absolute need.

All the major Mazda motor parts and other accessories are available online at best discounted prices on various online motor parts store. FC3S, RX-7, FD3S, RX-7 , SA22C RX-7 and Miata Roadster are easily available on the internet. In the crowed of hundreds of online stores with the continuous craftsmanship and ingenuity it is difficult to find the genuine Mazda parts.

08 June 2007

An easy way to ship your dream car

At this point, I would like to share my experience, when I tried to ship my dream car. I am working as a construction engineer in a well reputed company, and I got transferred to another country. So, I decided to relocate that country. And at that time, I got one issue with my car, how can I move this car to that country? With the help of my colleagues, I tried to search in internet to obtain services from a professional auto transport company.

According to their statistics, their auto transport services are an ever expanding industry. From the past five years, they are reporting an exponential growth in terms of customers and providers. Every year, almost ten thousand cars are moving on the highways from one place to another. After getting the information, I have convinced about the company they offered an affordable price quote for me. I am surprised about their prices, because when in comparison with air transport or sea transport, it is less.

However, we need to consider many things, while selecting a best auto transport company. First of all, it must provide an excellent customer service. The international car transport company that you will deal with should have an excellent customer support service. At most times, you will deal with the customer services representatives, who should be able to give you all the necessary information and who should also be able to handle your queries and difficulties without any problems.

The next thing we need considers is insurance, most of the companies in the car shipping industry will assure you of varied choices of vehicles that you can choose from in order to transport your car. These companies also offer auto transport companies quoted to the prospective customers and that make it easy for them to make a choice depending on the size of the car they posed and the distance that they need to travel. I followed the above guidelines, and I successfully shipped my dream car from one country to another country.

06 June 2007

BMW 650i Pros And Cons

The BMW 6 series was relaunched in 2004 with the BMW 645i. This car was a two door, four passenger luxury sports car. This car is ideal for a sports car enthusiast who would prefer a larger, more practical car compared to the 650's 2 passenger, lighter peers. In 2006, BMW upgraded the 645i to a 650i by increasing the engine a little. When including options and taxes, the 650i tends to run at about $80,000, so it's not exactly cheap. Here are the pros and cons of the car:


Amazing handling: The car is amazing to drive. When you drive the car, you feel as if you have total control over the vehicle. A car such as the Mercedes CLS (also priced near $80k) just cannot match this car's handling. The BMW 650i definitely has the handling one would expect from a German-made luxury sports car.

Gadgets: The BMW 650i comes with BMW's Idrive, an all-encompassing electronic system. The Idrive controls the navigation system, music, air conditioning, as well as communication system. The Idrive also has voice command, making it easy to use when driving. Some believe the Idrive is a bit difficult to operate. That's hogwash. Within two weeks of owning the car, anyone competent enough to use a computer or a DVD should be able to operate the Idrive flawlessly. The Idrive is the gadget-lover's ultimate car toy.

Interior: The interior of the 650i is beautiful. It has modern, classy feel to it. Your taller passengers will certainly appreciate being seated in the front though, as the back is not exactly spacious.

Acceleration: With a V8 and 360 hp, the car isn't exactly going to be outrun by a Civic. The acceleration and amazing breaks can also help you get out of accidents that other cars wouldn't be able to avoid.


Reliability: Expect to make stops at the service center every now and then. While it is a wonderful car, it is prone to electronic and tire issues.

Price: At about $80,000, it's not exactly in the everyman's budget. But if you are willing to spend this much money on a car, the 650i is definitely a good one to check out.