27 September 2007

Porsche Servicing

Porsche - a reputation built on quality without compromise

As an experienced driver, you know the importance of keeping your Porsche in tip-top condition. Regular servicing will extend your car's life and identify defects before they become catastrophic.

Porsche has built its reputation on pioneering designs, performance and lightweight engineering excellence. Booking a Porsche service that is conducted with care and precision is vitally important in retaining the performance of the sports car you are driving.

Porsche facts you may not know

The history of the Porsche name in car design begins with Ferdinand Porsche senior, who was the chief designer at the Austrian manufacturer Austro-Daimler. His flair for designing racing cars and compact cars was demonstrated by success on the circuit. However, in 1929, after the Daimler-Benz merger, his work was frozen as the company decided to focus on larger and more luxurious Mercedes-Benz cars.

Porsche left Daimler-Benz and started up his own design company in 1931, together with his son, Ferdinand junior (or Ferry) Porsche.

Ferry had become associated with car mechanics at an early age and had learnt to drive at the age of 10. Both ran the business that employed a number of experienced designers.

It was not long before they secured some corporate design contracts, such as with Auto Union (the original Audi Company) and Porsche became the design engine behind their racing cars.

In 1934, design work on a compact car was backed by the National Socialist party, who wanted to see an affordable car for working Germans. Originally named the Porsche 60, it became officially known as the Volkswagen (people's car).

In 1938 Ferdinand Porsche senior left the Auto Union racing team and moved to the new Volkswagen plant to manage production of the Volkswagen that began in 1939. However, the Volkswagen factory had produced few cars when war was declared and this led to production being switched from civilian to military vehicles.

At the end of the Second World War, the Porsche family were asked by the French government to design and build a French version of the Volkswagen, but this met with political resistance and both Porsche's ended up being arrested for war crimes and, without trial, a hefty 500,000 each was demanded for their release.

Sufficient money was paid for the son, Ferry Porsche, to be released. However, Porsche senior was held for over a year and a half and forced to assist Renault before his son raised the money to have him freed.

Ferry Porsche re-established the design business in Austria and won a contract to design Grand Prix racing cars for Piero Dusio. The Porsche 360 Cisitalia was born.

Porsche successfully designed their own vehicle, the Porsche 356, which was based on the original Volkswagen and received their first order in 1947.

In 1949, Volkswagen had just embarked on its own future (after failed post-war sale attempts), and a former senior manager at Opel, Heinrich Nordhoff, had been brought in to run the factory. He approached Ferry Porsche to help with design at Volkswagen, to improve the 'Beetle'. In return, Porsche would receive support in the manufacture and distribution of their vehicles plus a share of profits.

So in 1949, Porsche was re-established back in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, Germany. Production of the Porsche 356 was resumed and development of a new engine began - that became known as the Carrera.

These developments enabled the Porsche name to become established as an independent manufacturer of motor cars.

In 1961 work began on the replacement model for the Porsche 356, a new six cylinder engine with the body designed by Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, Ferry Porsche's son.

Originally called the 901, a legal challenge by Peugeot on the format of the name led to the 901 being renamed the Porsche 911.

In 1963, at the Frankfurt International Automobile Show, Porsche revealed the 911 and production started the following year. The Porsche 911 remained true to its predecessor, with an air-cooled flat engine in the rear.

In 1972 Ferry Porsche decided to turn Porsche from a partnership into a public company, Porsche GmbH and stayed on the board until his death in 1998.

Since then, Porsche has continued to refine and upgrade the 911 and introduce turbo engines, the 914, 917, 924, 928, 959 and the Boxter with continued success on the racing circuit and amongst sports car enthusiasts.

With their history of engineering excellence and innovative design, together with their passion for performance, Porsche has successfully earned its reputation as probably the most successful sports car manufacturer.

Book your Porsche service with confidence

So, when you book your next Porsche service, you can be confident that Service A Car understands the heritage of Porsche and conducts Porsche servicing with the passion and precision the car deserves to retain its outstanding performance.

25 September 2007

Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe - British Aristocrat

The British company Rolls-Royce presented its own version of aristocratic car at the latest Geneva autoshow. This time - for those who prefer not using a hired driver's services. Phantom model version with coupe body complemented the company's line.

During those 10 years, BMW Group owns Rolls-Royce, this is already third novelty in the British company's lineup. Firstly they had Phantom sedan, accepted by wide audience somehow ambiguously, but still providing stable growing sales for the company.

Then they presented cabriolet Drophead, built on the base on same Phantom, in Qatar, right in front of the local oil sheikhs that represent a significant part of Rolls-Royce's targeted audience. Phantom Coupe finished the procession of loud preems quite logically.

Rolls-Royce representatives call the the novelty as unique model, however, it is not quite truth. For example, the car is built on insignificantly reworked Phantom sedan's platform. The novelty completely derived design from generic 101EX coupe. At bottom, Phantom Coupe is nothing but a serial version of the mentioned concept.

The new British coupe's construction is based on the volumetric aluminum frame that is produced manually and passes computer control. Limit of error while assembly work is 0.1 mm.

Under Phantom Coupe's bonnet you can find BMW's V12 motor with 6.75 l cubic capacity and 453 h.p. Torsion torque, reached by engine, is 750 Nm while 3 500 r/min, and it gives 75% top thrust while 1 000 r/min already.

A new coupe's salon holds 4 adult passengers. However, back passengers are provided with easier and faster access to second row's seats due to the fact that long massive car's doors are opened against run. Thus, Rolls-Royce company managed to keep its own conservative traditions and solved the problem of configuration.

Phantom Coupe's interior also have both traditions and modern technologies. Front panel's design makes you remembering the phrase "facia panel" slightly forgotten now - it really resembles cars of the 30-40ies of the last century. Finishing work is made exceptionally with expensive and exclusive materials, and in "standard" the novelty is equipped with the luxury Lexicon LOGIC7 420 W audio system.

A new Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe's batch manufacturing will be started this summer already, however, orders are accepted already now.

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23 September 2007

The Rolls Royce Mascot

Mascot is a term used to refer to the hood ornament on a car. It is generally represents something which the car symbolizes. Mascots can be outstanding works of art on their own or else be quite ordinary. The first Rolls Royce had no hood ornamentation. However in the early 1900's many people in Great Britain were working to enhance public acceptance of the automobile. One of these was John Walter Edward Douglas-Scott Montagu who, in 1905, became the second Lord Montagu of Beaulieu. He was a passionate lover of cars and an enthusiastic advocate of motoring interests.

At that time, there was an Automobile Club in Britain, which sponsored the Thousand Miles Trial to prove the safety and reliability of motorcars. The club was managed by Claude Johnson who had a very beautiful secretary named Eleanor Thornton.

Both Claude and Lord Montagu were friends and admirers of the artistic works of Charles Robinson Sykes, a graduate of the London Royal College of Art. Montagu, who owned a Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost, commissioned Sykes to produce a hood ornament especially for his automobile. Using Eleanor as his model, Sykes crafted a sculpture of a woman holding her fingers to her lips and named it The Whisper.

Montagu's car struck a chord with the public and people began attaching all manner of objects to their cars. By this time, Claude Johnson had moved from the Automobile Club to the Rolls Royce Company. He became alarmed at the impropriety of these impromptu hood ornaments and decided to commission a mascot that would reflect "the overall style and quality of the car." So he turned to his friend Sykes.

Johnson, as he conveyed to Sykes, had in mind something akin to the spirit of the mythical beauty Nike, whose image was on display at the Louvre in Paris. Sykes, however, disagreed feeling that the representation should be more feminine. Evidently Sykes prevailed, as he created another sculpture of Ms. Thornton. The sculpture was three inches high and crafted of white metal. Later, it would be manufactured from stainless steel. There is a myth that the ornaments are made of silver but silver has never been used. Again, the lady has her finger to her lips as though conveying a secret.

Sykes named his creation the Spirit of Speed.
But Johnson changed the name to the Spirit of Ecstasy.

In the meantime, Ms. Thornton had become secretary to Lord Montagu and they had also become lovers. Because of the mores of the time that forbade any romantic alliance between two people of such vastly different social and economic standing, their affair was a secret known only to a few close friends. Together, they had a daughter however she was placed in a foster home and knew Montagu only as uncle.

Their love story ended in tragedy. They were both aboard the SS Persia, enroute to India, via the Mediterranean when the boat was struck by a torpedo from a German U-boat. Eleanor drowned but Montagu survived. Privately, he was devastated but he dared not publicly mourn her death.

However, their romance may be immortalized on the hood of the world's most prestigious automobile if indeed the speculation that has been made is true. For it is said that the 'secret' embodied in the image was actually the love that Eleanor shared with Montagu.

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21 September 2007

Jaguar S Type Was Planned to Take on BMW 5 Series, Audi A6 Along With Mercedes E Class

The first age group Jaguar S Type made its first appearance in 2000, as a lavish model in the sedan group. The S Type was made on the similar body as the Lincoln LS; however the former was made in the UK whereas the latter was made in the US.

It was a four-door sedan that may perhaps seat five inhabitants. It comes in two editions - a Sedan 3.0 that got its power as of a 3.0 Liter V6 engine planned by Ford along with the 4.0 that got its power as of a 4.0 Liter V8 engine created by Jaguar. Both editions had airbags, disc brakes, in the frontage and sideways, along with 17 inch tires.

The luxurious message package comes with a navigation system or a support system motorized by a cell phone situated in the dashboard, a structure to check temperatures inside the car plus music could be twisted on or off by providing instructions via phone. In 2001, a system that warned people when the car was backing up was inserted, and the 4.0 editions got a luxurious stereo system that was at present placed in the trunk. In 2002, a sports version of the S Type was inserted to the array.

The second age group Jaguar S Type made its first appearance in 2003. The S Type comes in three models.
The Jaguar S Type existed in a mid-sized administrative saloon, planned to undertake the BMW 5 Series Audi A6, as well as Mercedes E-Class. Nevertheless, it was by no means as famous as its German rivals, partially because of its retro style; its lines were straightforwardly inclined by Jaguar's honorable saloons of the 1960s like the Mark 2. Consistency could as well be a topic; while the car was immense to drive, when working appropriately few cars didn't provide the fault-free service that their proprietors anticipated. Conversely, civilized packaging, liberal equipment levels along with class-leading console ensured several purchasers chose British rather than German.

Modified in 2002 and once more in 2004 to address consistency grumbles and to be against its rapidly improving rivalsHealth Fitness Articles, the existing car is unlike everything else on sale. The Jaguar S-Type knows how to be specified through one of four engines: a 2.7 diesel otherwise a 3-litre along with two 4.2-litre petrol configurations one in the midst of a supercharger.

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19 September 2007

The Latest Mercedes Car Technology

Automobiles have become normal fixtures in our lives, and they will continue to be our daily companions in the decades to come. Since its earlier days, innovations on automobile technology have been continuous. Engineers and manufacturers have sought to give the public improved performance, more comfortable features and safer cars. And this goal continues up to now and the process has even become more meticulous as car buyers have started to become more specific about what they want from their cars.

In this high-tech, computer-driven world car makers are striving to produce the best technologies to make their cars safer and more enjoyable to drive. Mercedes leads the pack in engineering technology as it has managed to feature in its vehicles some of the most precise, up-to-date and excellent quality car parts, accessories, safety features and entertainment systems. But not to be outdone, Mercedes still continues on its quest to give its patrons nothing but the best. Below is a list of the up and coming state of the art features engineered by Mercedes.

Latest Mercedes technology that will be used in its future cars:

1) Safety systems with radar and cameras that watch out for danger as you drive. These safety equipment will be able to warn you of imminent danger by using advance mathematics to calculate the possibilities and the chances of danger occurring. This will be the future’s way of fortune telling!

2) Keyless entry is already being used on other vehicles like the Cadillac, Infinity and BMW models, Mercedes on the other hand is on its way to using a credit card style system which will replace car keys in the near tomorrow. That will make for lighter pockets!

3) Highly improved navigation console systems that includes computer-like screens on the dash, global positioning satellite and on board DVD’s which can easily flash directions, maps, vital information on businesses like hotels, hospitals etc will be installed in every Mercedes. Getting lost will be a lot harder with these in your car!

4) Wi-Fi hook-ups in almost every vehicle will provide weather, news, and other information. Long trips won’t be the same with these kinds of entertainment on board!

5) Various parts of the vehicle will be connected to a computer program which will be able to store relevant data to aid dealers

, manufacturers and your mechanic in diagnosing the problem. With a handy cellular phone or laptop, you can transfer the data to the Internet and get a long-distance troubleshoot for your Mercedes. New technologies such as these, nothing IS impossible!

6) 40 Volt Electrical Systems will be a standard feature on the Mercedes which will allow for more electrical equipments to be brought into the vehicle.

7) Voice prompts allows you to “talk” to your car and command it to operate various basic functions such as locating a radios station. This technology is already used in certain BMW’s, Jaguar, Lexus and Mercedes models and will continue to be used and adapted as standard features on all trims and models.

8) Electronically controlled pedals, already used by Mercedes, will be installed in more of its vehicles. It sends an electronic signal rather than set the brake or accelerator in motion through physical contact which allows a split-second action.

9) Programmable Mercedes vehicles will arrive in the foreseeable future. It allows the driver to choose the type of vehicle to drive and uses electronics to adjust his Mercedes according to his personal preference like lowering or raising ground clearance for varied ground effects. The choice between sporty and luxurious, stylish and chic has never been easier!

With these technological breakthroughs, you need an auto parts store that updates its stocks along with the non-stop evolution of the vehicles in the market. Most importantly, you need an auto parts store that is reliable yet affordable. At Auto Parts Train, you will find prime quality, genuine Mercedes parts at very reasonable rates. To browse through the most complete and comprehensive catalogue of superior quality Mercedes partsFree Web Content, click on http://www.partstrain.com/ShopByVehicle/MERCEDES_BENZ and experience how shopping for car parts online should be like.

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17 September 2007

Mercedes Benz cars

Only a company with self-confidence of Mercedes-Benz could cross so many special borders with its range of cars...

Only a company with self-confidence of Mercedes-Benz could cross so many special borders with its range of cars; Its competitors hive off the rarities and the expensive models into different divisions, but Mercedes-Benz (as arguably the world's longest-established motor manufacturer) is content to let those who spend a few thousand on a modest city car share the same badge as those who spend hundreds of thousands on a super car. Yet the company still has its detractors, those who consider this policy not to be a democratizing process, but who instead view the mighty German maker as a company of supreme arrogance. The major gripe is that the same company that sells the McLaren-built SLR also sells the majority of Europe's taxis. Who is right? Your call….. C-CLASS The mainstay model in the range, Mercedes' C-Class has recently been face lifted, with changes to the interior and nose of the car, suspension and transmission settings, and fresh engine options. Offered in saloon, hatchback ‘coupe' and estate variants, this everyman Mercedes now features sharper handling without a penalty to ride comfort, more responsive six-speed transmission, and engines that go from a modest 2.0 litre diesel right up to a tuned V8-the first time that an AMG V8 has been available in this model. The Kompressor (super charged) four cylinder engine, formerly only offered in Sports Coupe model, is now offered throughout the range. Although entry-level prices are low, it is surprisingly easy to rattle up the order price, thanks to Mercedes' habit of relying heavily on the extra list for many items that other car makers provide as standard issue. E-CLASS Produced not just in Germany but in other Mercedes-Benz plants such as Malaysia, the E-Class continues to be high on the list of executives throughout the world. providing plenty of accommodation and a handling package that favors both drivers feedback and passenger comfort, the E-Class is offered in both four-door sedan estate and estate car versions, and with a choice of engines that goes up as far as a 306PS V8. Estate variants can be specified with all-wheel drive. Although the looks of the E-Class will never set the world alight, their subtlety represents a certain arrival in status of their owners. Small-engine versions are turgid, but the Vee-engined variants offer useful performance and better handling than the comfort level suggest. The AMG variant is simply wonderful to drive, both fast and precise. S-CLASS Favored transport for oil sheiks, industrialists and football managers, the S-Class bristles with technology, meaning its one of the few limousine-proportioned sedans capable of simultaneous satisfaction for both passengers and drivers. Little touches such as the ride height automatically lowering at speed (to improve aerodynamics) and the world's most advanced auto transmissions (seven speeds, intuitive reprogramming) put this car in a league all of its own. The biggest seller is the 350 six cylinder, but for true performance the V12 twin turbo, with 500PS and more torque than most of the trucksFree Web Content, is the one to go for-the true Autobahnstormer.

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15 September 2007

The Best Cover: Mercedes Cover

Having a Mercedes clearly means that you have got it all made. It doesn’t fully mean that it is for the privileged ones. But it is a truly like a trophy for the hard-earned efforts of investing the money for buying such a wonderful and luxurious vehicle.

Regardless of what your model is or what year it is made in, every Mercedes Benz is really a symbol of excellence, and of loads of sacrifice you worked for to have it.

Surely you will never wish for your Benz to go off course from it’s seems to its show. Each and every broken accessory has to be changed to maintain that kind of performance it has been noted for years. And of course, as of the upholstery to the paint work, a Mercedes Benz needs the correct defense it needs from smudges and also from scratches.

That is the reason the Mercedes Cover is designed for the most tremendous defense probable, despite of climate or any sort of ecological condition. It protects it from sun. Bird dropping, scuffs and even little hail harm will also be away from your Mercedes. Also with the intense rays of the sun, that beautiful glossy finish of the Mercedes Benz is protected from fading.

It is as well a known to be a subtle machine as it stops snooping eyes of conspicuous people too. Most important of all, it contributes to the campaign of saving water by reducing the frequency for car wash. Best consequences are seen during the shiny and unblemished cover finish of the Mercedes Benz even if you abscond it for a long period of time whilst the car coat hugs the corpse of the vehicle in a deep slumber.

Each and every make of a Mercedes Car Cover is capable of hosting a variety of models, years, colors and also the fabrics that suit your needs for vehicle protection. Whether it’s a sedan, a SUV or even the Minibus, they comprise it completely covered. They are norm built-in with above manufacturing standards sort of textile or stuff that last a long time to ensure the biggest bang for the buck. They also have the geniuses at the back of every design to go by toughness examinations with flying colorsFind Article, so as to prove their worth and win the customer’s confidence too.

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13 September 2007

What is the Mercedes design philosophy?

To begin, every Mercedes must be easily identified as part of a cohesive family. To this end, the most obvious trademark is the three-pointed star. This star symbolizes the aggressive and forward-thinking approach of the original Mercedes designers. As a whole, the star represents the concept of a motorized universe, with the points standing for "on air, on water, and in the air."

In addition, the Mercedes design philosophy can be summed up in three points.
Mercedes Design Philosophy:
1. A Mercedes must be a recognizable member of a united family
2. A Mercedes should reflect the overall values of the company while delivering top quality performance
3. The design should be a combination of tradition and innovation
This progressive mindset was instrumental in developing the classic car brand. Looking back to the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, Mercedes embarked on a bold new design that relied on aerodynamic principles and a modern streamlined design. What resulted was the S-Class and C 111-3. While these models were considered groundbreaking at the time, neither series sacrificed style for class.
Soon, other manufacturers were looking to Mercedes as trend setters and an influential force in the automobile industry. The Mercedes design philosophy became something to imitate.
Certainly, new designs will produce unusual and memorable elements. For example, when the E-Class was bornArticle Submission, it was known by the uniquely shaped and sized elliptical headlights.
There is no sign that Mercedes Benz is slowing down. The company is constantly thinking up new concepts and designs. In this way they are sure to remain a leader and secure their legendary status. But coming up with new ideas isn’t enough to earn the "classic" grade. It’s essential for each Mercedes to continually express all the values associated with this pioneering company.

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11 September 2007

Ways to Dodge Costly Printing Mistakes

How to avoid expensive printing mistakes

No matter what kind of advertisement you plan on doing, the process of designing the ad, getting the color printing taken care of, and the final product sent out to the public can be a long journey fraught with potential for mistakes.There are a few things you can do to help reduce the odds of a costly mistake and ensure that the advertisements you get are exactly what you were hoping for.The first tip is so simple it’s surprising how many companies don’t bother with it. Have at least two people read through your advertisement. If you can get three or four people then even better.Grammatical mistakes, even blatant ones, are often difficult to catch with a single pair of eyes. The mind has a way of reading things how they’re supposed to be, rather than how they are, especially if you’re the one who wrote it. Unfortunately, if only one person is reading through something they aren’t likely to catch all the mistakes, even if they are a professional editor. I’ve been able to pick out spelling and grammatical mistakes in published novels that I know went through a lot of editors before it made it into my hands.The more people you have read through your work the greater the chances are that they’ll catch mistakes you might not have realized were there. It often isn’t hard to get someone to come over real quick and scan the text for mistakes.Next, did you print out a copy of the advertisement ahead of time to check for coloring and layout? The colors will change from your screen to the paper, and if you’re designing something like a folding brochure, make sure that it looks just as good when folded as it does on your screen.Until you actually fold the paper you might never realize that a picture gets folded through the center in a way you hadn’t intended, or some other potential mistake exists in the layout that you might’ve missed.Beyond the look, do you know exactly how many copies you want done? Don’t start your color printing until you’re sure of the number needed. The greatest cost in printing is the initial cost, and not the cost per number printed. Adding an additional hundred copies will cost you a lot less than having a hundred printed three months later.Make sure you’re also aware of the right type of paper to useBusiness Management Articles, and what will be the most cost-effective. You might be able to get a great looking image from a less expensive paper stock. Be sure to start up a dialog with your printer in order to get the best product for the best price.The more you know about the process the less likely it is that you’ll end up costing either time or money due to a mistake. No one likes to spend money on something that a little preparation could’ve helped to avoid.

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09 September 2007

Dodge Durango Hybrid Review - The Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of the Dodge Durango Hybrid

Hybrids are gaining popularity with the steady increase in fuel costs and the growing knowledge that car emissions are destroying air quality. With the Dodge Durango Hybrid, you get to save on fuel and keep your roomy, sporty vehicle. The Dodge Durango Hybrid is a full-size SUV with three rows that can seat eight passengers and can tow up to six thousand pounds.

The Dodge Durango Hybrid comes with many safety features including side air bags in all three rows, antilock brakes, rear backup camera system, stability control and trailer sway control. The owners will enjoy leather seats, a navigation system and heated front seats. This vehicle starts at $45,340.

This large SUV gets 19 mpg in the city and 20 mpg on the highway. In order to get such great gas mileage, the engine combines an automatic transmission with an electric hybrid drive system. No special gas is needed and there is not a battery to charge. It is as simple as driving a non-hybrid SUV.

The 300 volt battery this SUV uses fits into the vehicle without taking any room from seating. The dashboard has gauges so you can monitor your fuel efficiency. This vehicle saves you money on gas, hauls all your tough equipment, still has the HEMI that you trust, has a roomy, comfortable environment and is great for the earth. What an amazing combination Dodge has introduced with the Dodge Durango Hybrid.

You can find out more information about Hybrid Cars at www.prohybrid.com along with video news, reviewsFree Articles, and tools such as price quotes and an automotive loan calculator.

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07 September 2007

Mercedes Maybach, Rolls Royce Phantom, Lamborghini Murcielago, BMW M6, Ferrari F430 Comparison Oh My

Have you ever driven a Mercedes Benz or a BMW? Did it feel luxurious? If you answered yes to both of those questions then you are kidding yourself and you have never experienced a true luxury car. Luxury and Exclusivity go hand and hand. You can't have one without the other. Let's use the numbers to put this all into perspective.

Nearly 300,000 BMWs and nearly 300,000 Mercedes Benz autos were sold in 2007. With figures that high it's hard to call those vehicles exclusive. By comparison RollsRoyce sold 1000 units. Lamborghini sold 2400 cars. Aston Martin sold nearly 8000 units. Bentley sold 10,000 units. Compare 300,000 units to 10,000 units, and then spell out which company sounds more exclusive? Before we go any farther, it should be noted that an automaker's sales figures should be of statistical significance to their respective class in order to bring a comparison. All companies which are being stated for the purpose of this expose sell enough vehicles in their class to make them statistically significant.

Some people will claim that Mercedes Benz sells the McLaren SLR super sports car and the Maybach luxury sedan. At $450,000 and $480,000 both car are could be touted as exclusive and luxurious. I guess you could consider that a proper argument if both of those cars weren't vastly inferior to other cars in their respective classes. Inferior, yes both cars are vastly inferior to other cars which are sold in the same class as they are. If they were superior then they would match or beat their respective competitors in sales.

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05 September 2007

Dodge Truck 4x4 Dakota For Superior Handling and Braking Capabilities

Advantages of owning a Dodge Dakota 4x4 truck from handling and engine performance to gas mileage figures

By all available indications, the best Dodge truck 4x4 is the Dakota in all of its incarnations. The Dodge Dakota has been a favorite since its inception. For purposes of this article, we are going to discuss the specifications of the 2007 Dodge Dakota, which is a favorite because it is the only pickup truck in its class which offers a V8 engine. Those who drive and rely on pickup trucks appreciate this because, in general, especially for people who have to use a truck for their jobs, they are hauling and towing a lot of heavy loads. A powerful engine comes in handy for this, but according to numerous reviews of the 2007 Dakota, this vehicle is advantageous for many more reasons.

The 2007 Dakota is considered a high quality Dodge truck 4x4 in part because of its engine; even standard, it comes with a 3.7 liter Magnum V6 engine which features two hundred and ten horsepower at 5200 rpm, with two hundred and thirty five pounds per feet of torque at 4000 rpm. There is also the option for the High Output 4.7 liter V8 engine, which is considered one of the best engines currently on the market. It creates two hundred and sixty horsepower and three hundred and ten pounds per feet of torque. Given the fact that most truck fans utilize their trucks to haul heavy loads and to tow strenuous items, this kind of engine power is not only required but thought to be the highest possible standard. It offers fifteen miles per gallon for city driving and nineteen miles per gallon for highway driving.

The 2007 Dodge Dakota is also praised for the way it handles and its braking capabilities. It comes with rack and pinion steering as well as highly developed hydroformed rails on the chassis. This allows for a solid driving experience and maneuverability, which again, makes it a good choice of Dodge truck 4x4 for those drivers who rely on their trucks to tow or haul extremely heavy loads and cargo. It has also been ranked on several lists as producing the best gas mileage for a mid sized pickup truck. In general, it is always in the ranking on top five lists, usually falling somewhere between the number two position and the number four positions. The Environmental Protection Agency plays an important role in determining gas mileageFeature Articles, as does the amount of miles per gallon a truck gets for city and highway driving.

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03 September 2007

10 Facts About Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce is a car much admired by people worldwide and this car is certainly a well manufactured and design car. Below we look at ten facts about this car.

1. The Rolls-Royce engines once held world records for speed in the air, on land and in the water, simultaneously.

2. The first 10 hp ever sold by Rolls-Royce was listed with a £395 price tag. The same is currently worth more than £250,000.

3. Even up to the present day, all Rolls-Royce engines are completely built by hand. The 15' 6" long coachline that extends along the length of the Silver Spirit is applied by hand. It is estimated that more than 800 man-hours are needed to create the body of one Phantom VI. One man would take one day to create a Rolls-Royce radiator (not registered as a trademark until 1974) and five hours to polish it. No measuring instruments are used in the creation of the radiator grille.

4. To date, the oldest Rolls-Royce known to still be roadworthy is the 1904 10hp. It is owned by Thomas Love Jr. from Scotland.

5. Sir Henry Royce's first job was as a newspaper delivery boy for W H Smith & Son Ltd. At his factory, he was known as 'R' in line with the practice (that continues to prevail) of addressing everyone by their initials, even on written memorandums.

6. Henry Royce designed some of the best aero engines in the world, yet he never travelled in an aircraft.

7. After Henry Royce's death, the Rolls Royce badge was changed from red to black, not to commemorate his death, but rather because Royce had previously decided that black was more aesthetic. Some customers, including the Prince of Wales, had complained that the red badge clashed with the car's colour.

8. The air-conditioning system in the Silver Spirit is said to have the cooling capacity that is equivalent to approximately 30 domestic refrigerators.

9. Rolls-Royce made rifles during the First World War. They never made complete cars until after the Second World War was over. Prior to the WW2, the company only made the chassis and the bodies were added by external coachbuilders.

10. Rolls-Royce and Bentley hydraulic tappets receive a natural finish to a 16-millionth of an inch. In a Silver Spirit, all panes of glass are polished with finely powdered pumice of the kind that is generally used for polishing spectacle lenses. Some gearbox components received four final polishings that were not done with jewellers rouge (due to its coarseness), but rather with fine ground oat husks.

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01 September 2007

Rolls Royce - Elegance and Style

Rolls Royce are a British car manufacturer and one of the few to focus on luxury as the reason for purchasing them - today the brand is synonymous with high-end luxury, a very high price tag and a no compromise attitude to comfort and style. Not for Rolls Royce is the race car pedigree though their engines are found everywhere, including in modern jet aircraft!

In 1904 Frederick Royce met the aristocratic Charles Rolls - Royce was an electrical engineer while Rolls was the son of a blue-blooded Baron, but he was also a serious car enthusiast. A partnership was formed with Royce building the luxury automobiles and Rolls responsible for selling them. The company they formed was Rolls Royce and was based upon Royce's embryonic car business and started life at Christmas 1904.

The Silver Ghost was launched in 1907 as the first true Rolls Royce vehicle (previously they had been badged Royce designs). The Silver Ghost was powered by a 6-cylinder engine and the interior was painted a silver color (hence the name Silver Ghost). The reputation for quality was established with the Silver Ghost when one was eventually driven for more than 15,000 miles without engine failure - a notable feat in those days.

The initial success of the partnership came to a tragic end in 1910 when Rolls, an adventurer and speed freak, was killed flying a bi-plane, again a novelty sport afforded only by the very wealthy. Nevertheless, the company continued and with the advent of World War One, the Silver Ghost chassis was used as the basis for the British military car used in the conflict.

The following decade, known as the Roaring Twenties, was typified by high spending and lavish living which meant that Rolls Royce did well. The cars also got their nickname of "Roller" and despite the introduction of the Baby Roller, the trend was for bigger cars. As a result, the Phantom I and II were designed and launched which capitalized on the brand name and reputation for luxury with cost not an object.

Throughout the rest of the 20th century, the company has expanded and developed further models, cushioned from the worst of economic downturns and another World War by relying on royal patronage and a reputation for high performance producing quality engines. In the Second World War for instance, the iconic Spitfire fighter plane was powered by a Rolls Royce Merlin engine.

The 21st century has seen the introduction of a new range of cars including the Silver Spur and Silver Spirit, both carrying the luxury marquee into new territories and the new millennium. The all new Phantom was launched in 2003 and was available not only as a luxury sedan but also came as a coupe and a convertible model. Rolls Royce celebrated 100 years of making fine luxury cars in 2004 but more launches have emerged since then. The Rolls Royce Ghost packs a powerful performance punch - a top speed of 155 miles per hour and a 0 to 60 acceleration record in only 4.8 seconds. While Rolls Royce's are built for comfort, there is a genuine lion under the hood.

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