02 January 2008

The Ferrari 575m - A Luxury Grand Tourer

The Ferrari 575m is a classic Ferrari two door, two seat grand tourer which was produced by Ferrari from 2002 until 2006. The 575m, is a typically stylish and classic Ferrari.

Designed as a Grand Tourer, it presents classic Ferrari styling and beautiful lines. Sleek aerodynamic styling not only enhances the look of this wonderful vehicle, but adds to the handling with increased down draft to assist in holding this beauty to the road.

If you see a Ferrari 575m for sale, you are looking at a wonderfully crafted, high performance vehicle, designed to provide its owner with luxury as they travel longer distances. This is what the grand tourer is all about. Classic, styling, luxury appointments, and the high performance Ferrari is known for.

The 575m is powered the way a Ferrari is suppose to be powered, with high performance in mind. It boasts a 5.7 liter (350 cu in) V12 engine which delivers 508 hp. With a top speed of 203mph, the 575m will go from 0 - 60mph in just under 4.2 seconds.

With a wheel base of 98inches, and a overall length of 179 inches, the Ferrari 575m weighs in at 3,800lbs. And since she is designed for longer distance driving, it comes with a 27.7 gallon fuel tank. And for a high performance V12, the 575m still gets 12 mpg in the city and 19 highway.

The beautiful and surprisingly comfortable interior has the look and feel of a high performance racing car. Instrumentation is stylish and positioned for easy reading. The leather seats are comfortable and designed for longer trips with comfort and luxury in mind.

Two different 6 speed transmissions came with the 575m, a 6 speed manual transmission comes standard and is preferred by many owners for the pure driving experience that only a Ferrari can offer. But it also had a 6 speed semi-automatic electrahydraulic Magneti Marelli F1 transmission. This was the first time Ferrari offered this transmission on a V12.

Finding a Ferrari 575m for sale is a special experience, and if you are a Ferrari fan, or just appreciate a high performance luxury automobile, this is a car you should defiantly take a very close look at. Classic styling, luxury interior appointments, and performance that only a Ferrari can provide, the 575m is a car you dream of owning.

The 575m is not Ferrari's cornering master, this is their long distance luxury vehicle that is loaded with power as well as comfort. It is the Ferrari answer to a muscle car, and when it comes to combining Ferrari performance, with luxury styling and comfort, the 575m is a vehicle like no other.

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