17 July 2007

Advice on Automotive Transmission Maintenance and Repair for Tampa Vehicle Owners

Automotive transmission repair is one of the most expensive car repair procedures you can have. You can ask your trusted auto service mechanic to confirm this. The cost of auto AC repair will seem like small change compared to it. It can even exceed the costs of engine repair or brakes repair, which are also not cheap. To avoid untimely and frequent automotive transmission repair, proper maintenance is paramount. The required automotive transmission maintenance procedures should be complied with while the vehicle is still in good running condition. A reputable auto service shop can assist you on automotive transmission maintenance and any tune ups that may be needed. The same shop should also be able to help you with car repair when this is needed. Following is advice on the matter from an auto service mechanic in Tampa.

The easiest vehicle transmission diagnostic check that a vehicle owner can do himself or herself right at home or anywhere else for that matter is the visual check for leaks. You should always look at your garage floor beneath the vehicle or even the parking slot surface beneath it and be on the lookout for any fluid leaks. If you find any, it could mean that your vehicle is leaking automotive transmission fluid. It means you should bring the vehicle to your Tampa auto service shop for a professional check up.

Aside from doing the visual check for leaks, you should also check the condition of your vehicle’s transmission fluid. The vehicle’s own dipstick is used for this. It should first be cleaned with cloth before being dipped into the transmission fluid. The fluid should then be allowed to drip onto a sheet of clean white paper. You should find the transmission fluid to be a clear red. If the fluid is dark and contains black flakes or metal filings, or if you notice a burnt smell, immediately bring your vehicle to your Tampa auto service shop.

Remember that automatic and manual transmissions have their respective automotive transmission fluids that should not be interchanged. When having your vehicle’s automotive transmission fluid changed, make sure that the proper transmission fluid is used by your Tampa auto service shop.

The vehicle owner should also observe how the vehicle performs while it is being driven on the road, assuming that proper driving procedures are being followed. There should be no delay when shifting from “park” to “drive,” “drive” to “neutral” and to “reverse.” The transmission gears should engage smoothly with no shudders, jerks or noises. If any of these symptoms are present, the vehicle transmission system may already be worn. Report any untoward signs to your Tampa auto service shop, along with your vehicle.

Part of good automotive transmission maintenance is the avoidance of overheating. Heavy traffic which forces stop and go driving for long periods in hot weather can cause overheating. So does driving the vehicle with heavy loads in high temperatures. With overheating, the transmission fluid can burn, creating oxidation which then leaves deposits that may eventually clog up the vehicle’s transmission system. Overheating also warps the metal parts and hardens the rubber gaskets and seals of the transmission system. This could lead to leakage of transmission fluid. You should, therefore, be very careful to guard against overheating in Tampa.

When repair becomes inevitable for your automotive transmission system, make sure to bring it to an auto service shop specializing in automotive transmission repair to ensure that all the proper procedures are done that will not cause problems in the future.

Follow the experts’ advice on automotive transmission maintenance and repair as well as on eventual car repair and you will achieve cost effectiveness in your vehicular care in Tampa while avoiding the towing services of tow trucks.

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  1. I knew that auto repair can be very expensive, but I never knew that transmission repair could be one of the "most expensive car repair procedures". I'll be sure now to check on possible leaks now! I also didn't know that overheating could be very bad for the transmission, so I'll have to make sure I keep on top of that this summer. Thanks so much for this advice!