07 August 2007

David Beckham Cruising In A Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe. Rent One in Vegas

The lifestyle of the rich and the famous is forever cast in a spotlight that the common and less privileged lot are likely to keep an eye on, up to the point of invading privacy. Common people like to see what the rich and the famous do, eat, wear, and drive. However, it would not totally be referred to as intrusion if one commoner, doing his regular daily routine happens to see a celebrity pass by or drive by. For example, David Beckham was seen taking his sons for a drive in his Rolls Royce luxury coupe in Beverly Hills .

The Phantom Drophead possesses an aura which commands absolute awe and fascination. The distinct bulk and sleekness that have characterized most, if not all, Rolls Royce merchandise is carried over in this coupe. Luxury cars have always been a symbol of power and affluence, and what better way to flaunt one's material excesses than in having a Rolls Royce. Being one of the most revered car maker in the world, Rolls Royce have become a status symbol which only the wealthy populous can afford to purchase.

In January 7, 2007 , the Phantom Drophead Coupe debuted at the 2007 North American International Show in Detroit . The platform of this luxury coupe was based on the 2003 Rolls Royce Phantom. The styling was majorly obtained from the 2004 100EX concept car. This four-seater coupe has suicide doors which opens rearward. A front engine rear-wheel drive, it is equipped with a 6749cc V12 engine with a six-speed automatic transmission.

The overall design of this luxury coupe was derived from the classic J-calss racing yachts that were popular during the 1930s. The J-class yachts were renowned for their speed, possessing an amazing combination of versatility, ability, and efficiency. The same qualities this car possesses, which was thus designed to bear semblance from which inspiration it was created. The use of wood and steel trimmings boldly fuses the maritime theme.

The interior was made to look like an avant-garde version of a traditional clubroom of English gentlemen. Also, the maritime theme is not lost within the luxury car with wood veneering that covers the interior walls. Moreover, since making a convertible coupe was not entirely the intention, the Phantom Overhead Coupe has a soft-top roof, rather than a metal one. Moreover, the use of canvas brings about a nostalgic romantic air to the whole package as it is very reminiscent of decades past with cars such as the Rolls Royce Tourer and Saloon.

These top of the line luxury cars are real treasures. But although the possession of such treasures tends to be limited only to the wealthy lot, the experience of driving or riding in one is not. With the flourishing car rental industry, any one man or woman is given the opportunity to take a ride in such classic luxury cars. There are many car rentals in Las Vegas , Beverly Hills , Maryland , Malibu , and practically anywhere, that offer a wide array of vintage cars from which one can choose to rent for a day, for a week, or for as long as needed. It's just a matter of budget and the rest is history.

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