25 August 2007

A Review of the 1990 Dodge Dakota

The best car I have ever had has been serving me for 16 years now, which is my 1990 Dodge Dakota. It never let me down, although I have always been giving it hard time. And it has been so from the very beginning as I got my pick-up truck for work, not for show off.

As a building contractor I have gone through 16 years of hard work, and my 1990 Dodge Dakota has been there all along the way. Working hard at least five days per week; moving from site to site, hauling tools, machines, supplies and everything else that you can think of.

I have been pretty rough with my truck, throwing al the abovementioned in the back of it and rushing up and down, back and forth, sometimes even adding a trailer for the extras. Making sure that I was not being hard to it body only, but to the engine also, with the additional loads and chasing deadlines I was never disappointed with it. It has always been great and I do not want to let it go.

Everybody knows that older cars are much more expensive to maintain compared to the new ones, but I know that my 1990 Dodge Dakota still has a lot to give. But in the moment it is not the same truck any more. The engine loses power, especially when with heavier loads it even stalls from time to time. Considering that you can never imagine it unless it has really happened to you, I dare say that it is a scary thing to stall in the middle of nowhere in an old truck with a trailer at the back.

Not being any good for me now does not mean that it can not serve well someone else though. I hope that my 1990 Dodge Dakota will go to a student or a college boy, who will use it for moving his stuff to and from school, for picnics, to go to the football training with it and things like that. With easy jobs like these it will be still doing great and I am sure because for the same purpose I used my mother's minivan back in the days and if it could do then my Dodge can for sure. I also hope that the next owner of my 1990 Dodge Dakota will be nearly as happy with it as I wereFind Article, it will be very sad if it gets wasted.

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