25 September 2007

Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe - British Aristocrat

The British company Rolls-Royce presented its own version of aristocratic car at the latest Geneva autoshow. This time - for those who prefer not using a hired driver's services. Phantom model version with coupe body complemented the company's line.

During those 10 years, BMW Group owns Rolls-Royce, this is already third novelty in the British company's lineup. Firstly they had Phantom sedan, accepted by wide audience somehow ambiguously, but still providing stable growing sales for the company.

Then they presented cabriolet Drophead, built on the base on same Phantom, in Qatar, right in front of the local oil sheikhs that represent a significant part of Rolls-Royce's targeted audience. Phantom Coupe finished the procession of loud preems quite logically.

Rolls-Royce representatives call the the novelty as unique model, however, it is not quite truth. For example, the car is built on insignificantly reworked Phantom sedan's platform. The novelty completely derived design from generic 101EX coupe. At bottom, Phantom Coupe is nothing but a serial version of the mentioned concept.

The new British coupe's construction is based on the volumetric aluminum frame that is produced manually and passes computer control. Limit of error while assembly work is 0.1 mm.

Under Phantom Coupe's bonnet you can find BMW's V12 motor with 6.75 l cubic capacity and 453 h.p. Torsion torque, reached by engine, is 750 Nm while 3 500 r/min, and it gives 75% top thrust while 1 000 r/min already.

A new coupe's salon holds 4 adult passengers. However, back passengers are provided with easier and faster access to second row's seats due to the fact that long massive car's doors are opened against run. Thus, Rolls-Royce company managed to keep its own conservative traditions and solved the problem of configuration.

Phantom Coupe's interior also have both traditions and modern technologies. Front panel's design makes you remembering the phrase "facia panel" slightly forgotten now - it really resembles cars of the 30-40ies of the last century. Finishing work is made exceptionally with expensive and exclusive materials, and in "standard" the novelty is equipped with the luxury Lexicon LOGIC7 420 W audio system.

A new Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe's batch manufacturing will be started this summer already, however, orders are accepted already now.

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