06 October 2007

Porsche Design,especially Designed for You!

Although the brand of Porsche Design originates from Porsche family, father of Porsche sports car, it dose not has a close and clear relationship with Porsche cars.

In 1973,F.A Porsche brought a new era to the watch field with a black time stopwatch, and then he made successive innovations in titanium metal and watches'exterior design.

Even the year of 1973 found Porsche's production of the first compass wristwatch with the help of IWC. And during the 20 years of later cooperation, Porsche established a prestigious brand image with the help of that of IWC's, while IWC exploited its sportswatch market, through which they both set solid foundation for their glorious accomplishment.

In 1995, F.A.Porsche took over Eterna watch factory and began to run it by himself.

Ernst F.Seyr's aim was to produce a machine time stopwatch for user to easily read the time.He first invited Paul Gerber as the technical consultant, who once invented bell time stopwatch for Fortis, and who at that time was a member of Horological Academy of Independant Creators(AHCI),then he particularly extended his factory and recruitied more workers.

At the end of 2001, Eterna officially took over the latter blueprint's design and modification, and began a programme to produce his archetypal watch, which got 12 experienced watchmaking masters, designers and CNC engineers involved. The breathtaking Indicator did not come out before 2004.

In the year of 2003,Porsche Company became a major shareholder of Porsche Design Company, and a new Group----PLH was set in Bitgenma Sea???Becingen.

By October, the new group has already integrated Porsche's business in luxury accessories and patents, and the promotion on all brands except for auto manufacture.

Porsche Design belongs in PLH, whose major management is in the 12-staff Porsche Design Office on the lake bank ,Zell and the Selection area, and it covers Porsche Company accessory ,costume,and sports device(like Porsche bicycle).

65% of the stocks belongs to Porsche Company, the other 35% to Porsche family, which shows us the tendency that Porsche Design will return to Porsche.

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