07 November 2007

How To Save Money When You Buy A Porsche 911

When you buy a Porsche 911 it's a fact that you will want to save as much money as you can. Any good Porsche will be expensive and the last thing you will want to do after paying all of that money is have to fork out a few hundred or even thousand on repair bills.

To save money when you buy a Porsche means you need to actively hunt for errors with the car so you can negotiate a price reduction. This price reduction should be a little more than what it would cost to repair, that way the bill will be covered and you will have a little money off for the inconvenience. Its finding these problems that proves difficult for a non Porsche dealer. Like any other car each model of Porsche will have its common problems, the difference between Porsche and any other car is the cost. A Porsche will need to be repaired by a Porsche specialist and not just in any old garage. This is not only more expensive but can cause further annoyance if you dont know a Porsche specialist in your area.

Top tips for getting money off a Porsche

1. The test drive

Take the car out on a lengthy test drive

. Check the handling on as many different roads as you can. If there are any signs of violent steering then it's likely that it will have a wheel balance problem. Call a Porsche specialist and ask for an estimate of how much it would cost to repair and then try to haggle the price down.

2. The V.I.N number

If there are any signs of tampering on the vehicle identification number then ask questions. This could be a serious problem and can sometimes hint towards a rebuilt Porsche that has had a crash. If there is a valid reason for this then ask to see the repair documents and receipt. Again, consult a Porsche specialist.

3. Gas gauge out of collaboration

This can be a common fault with Porsche. Sometimes when the car is filled up with fuel the gas gauge will still read as low. This doesn't effect the performance of the vehicle but will cost roughly £100 to repair. Request a price reduction of at least £120 or for it to be fixed before the pickup date.

Final steps

As you can see from these examples, when you buy a Porsche there are plenty of options you have to negotiate a lower price. If you still want to make the purchase even after finding faults then contact a Porsche specialist and get a quote for the repairs just to get an idea of how much you will be needing to ask for off the car.

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