17 November 2007

Why the Classic Porsche 911 is so Special

There are many good quality cars with high performance specifications to their name in the world today, so why would you choose an old 911 as that special car to own. Well, here's a few thoughts on why they have that special appeal for me.

One of a Kind. Many cars these days, look like many other cars. There isn't any real uniqueness and quite often you find yourself mistaking one car for another. There's no such thing with a classic Porsche 911. Their shape is unique. Since they were first made in the late sixties and even in today's modern incarnations, the basic 911 shape remains unchanged at its core. This is even more true of the 911's made up to the early 90's and the type 964.

Affordable Supercar. A classic 911 is now in the financial reach of most people. Buying a 911 has its own set of unique requirements on the purchaser, but essentially you can bag yourself the iconic 911 for the price of a new hatchback.

No Depreciation. Buying a classic, unlike a modern car, is also a bit of an investment these days. The older 911's value is on the rise. At the very least if you buy a good 911, you'll at least get your money back when you sell it. I'm afraid that can't be said of a modern car, or even a car of a similar vintage.

Pedigree and heritage. The 911 has been such a success story because Porsche have concentrated long and hard on getting it right. There have been no huge changes from year to year. Rather, the 911 has been honed and perfected piece-by-piece. Racing and competition is in the veins of the Porsche brand, and their success increases further the uniqueness and quality of its road going 911's. Car's come and go, but the 911 is a true icon in the automotive world and will be around for many years to come.

Build quality. Porsche have also built their cars well and to high and exacting standards. A 911 that has been looked after its owners, will be as good today as when it was first built. From around 1974 the 911's were galvanised to prevent corrosion.

Function and Form.
One of the most unique things about the 911 is the interior. It's basic and built with purpose in mind. Everything is where it should be. The rev counter is large and bang in the centre of the driver's dashboard – where it's easy to see. The controls are simple, easy to use and robust. The interior is more like a aircraft cockpit and not a car. This is definitely a drivers car. No fancy accessories to be found in here!

Built for Performance. There is no doubt in your mind when at the wheel of a Porsche 911, that it was built to perform and perform outstandingly well. This is a proper performance car. Put your foot down and she will respond with breath taking performance. They are light and nimble cars. They give the driver lots of feedback. They hand incredible well and stick to the road like no other. Set the car up for a corner and press the pedal and shell deliver outstanding cornering speeds even without all the modern driver aids like traction control and stability management. Be warned however – as a drivers car you have to concentrate. Think about what your doing and she'll reward you mile after mile. You can't loose focus though. Lift off in a high speed corner and the rear of the car will attempt to overtake the front!

The Flat Six Boxer engine. The engine in the old classic 911's is a flat six boxer engine. The pistons are horizontally apposed. This helps keep the height of the car low. Its air cooled. No heavy water being pumped around these engines. These engines a truly unique sound. You wont here noting else like it. They have a great burbling sound at idle and scream when revved hard.

Very Reliable and Dependable.
These cars were built to go back and forth to work during the week and then driven at the circuit at the weekends. And even after a day of fast driving at the track, they would drive you home again at the end of the day. These car's will perform day after day after day. These really are reliable supercars.

Look after your 911 and she'll look after you
. Unlike many supercars, and modern day to day cars for that matter, a well maintained Porsche 911 will give you many years of trouble free motoring. She'll start in cold icy conditions at turn of the ignition key. If your mechanically minded you can maintain these cars at home. Regular servicing and rust protection will keep these cars alive for ever!

A Sense of Community. There is a huge community around the world of like minded Porsche enthusiasts and your never far away from friendly advice. Forums like m911 Forums is dedicated to the 911 community and is place to ask your questions about 911 ownership. Channel p101tv is a video and picture sharing site for the Porsche enthusiast to show off their Porsche to the world and Stuttgart Exchange is a place to buy and sell all things Porsche with fellow Porsche enthusiasts.

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