07 December 2007

3 Tips to Buying a Porsche 911 From Government Auctions

Buying a Porsche 911 at Government auction can be an exciting experience. This article is going to share with you 3 essential tips to help you get the best deal on the Porsche that you want.

Before you can apply these tips you will want to take the time to find where your local Government auctions are happening and keep a special eye on local car trade papers, keeping a special watch for any Porsche listings.

Now for my top tips for buying a Porsche 911 at Government auction.

Tip 1: Inspect the Porsche 911

If you have been longing to purchase a Porsche, you may find yourself ready to make a purchase based on your heart. You need to spend some time checking the car. Look for any imperfections.

The last thing you want to do is make a snap purchase as big as buying a Porsche, only to get the car home and find faults that could end up being very costly to fix.

Tip 2: Read the Documentation

The car of your dreams is sitting right in front of you. You need to make sure you are going to bid with your head and not your heart. It will be easier to keep your head in an auction when you have taken the time to read the cars documentation (where applicable). You will want to know the history of the car to ensure that you are not getting a previous wreak.

Tip 3: Stick To Your Budget

Of all the tips I can share with you this is the most important. Stick to your budget! You will find it much easier to stick to your limit if you take a friend with you and tell them to pull you away if the bidding goes over your set amount.

Keep your head and beware of getting involved in a bidding war where you start to bid with your emotions and not your head.


Buying your dream Porsche 911 at Government auction can be an exciting and extremely rewarding experience. To get the most out of your auction you should take the time to inspect the car.

Take your inspection of the Porsche just that step further and give any documentation a thorough going-over. Be sure to inspect the cars history.

Finally, never exceed your budget, it may be your dream car but you will grow to resent it if you put yourself in financial difficulty to get it.

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