09 December 2007

Advice and Tips For Buying a Used Porsche

Looking at buying a used Porsche? A used Porsche can be a fantastic purchase and give you years of pleasure but if you buy a complete turkey it can lead to problem after problem. Buying a used car rather than a new one can save you a serious amount of money and if you are careful and know what to look for, the difference in new and used can be nominal. Here are a few handy tips if you are considering splashing out on a used Porsche.

Don't get hung up on used Porsche original bodywork. A lot of people will consider a vehicle having all original bodywork to be a highlight however the older the car gets the more likely it is to have required new parts either due to simple wear and tear or minor scrapes. As long as the work has been carried out to high standards then there should be no problem in this area, it doesn't mean that the car hasn't been well looked after and cared for. If however it has had major surgery then it may have been involved in a serious collision and this can cause underlying problems to axles and other major areas so it may be best to avoid.

Don't be dissuaded by colours that are not popular today. If you are buying a 20 year old used Porsche then its colour may have been the height of fashion in 1980 but may not be popular today. If you are open minded about colour then you are more likely to find a good car as it widens your options. At the end of the day, it's a Porsche, if it's in good condition - it's going to look great!

If you know nothing about cars then it can help to take along a friend who knows a bit about them however don't rely on this too much as most problems can be hidden from a basic inspection if the dealer is determined enough to deceive buyers. Somebody with knowledge of cars probably won't be able to tell if there are major engine problems around the corner or if the car is likely to break down in the near future so trust your instincts when dealing with the seller. If something doesn't add up or you have a bad feeling then walk away. The main benefit of buying from a private used Porsche seller is that the price is likely to be cheaper than buying from a used Porsche dealer however there is likely to be no comeback if problems with the car appear a week after the purchase. Buying from a used Porsche dealer you should be able to negotiate a warranty, the longer the better.

There are a wide range of car dealers around and if looking to purchase a used Porsche try to buy from an established and reputable used Porsche specialist. Doing so could save you a lot of money in the long run.

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