17 December 2007

Guide to Buying a Porsche 944

You will have to search hard to find the words cheap and Porsche in the same paragraph or sentence! But when buying a Porsche 944 this can be the case with prices for a well travelled model starting at $3000 and rising to $16,000 for a low mileage late model, you could be driving a well arranged and powerful Porsche 944 for the price of a breakers yard ready 911!

As with the purchase of any older or classic vehicle the usual advice applies to buy the best you can afford with your budget and remember to include ongoing running costs for maintaining an ageing, if modern classic. Be prepared to spend up to $3000 annually on repairs - remember when buying a Porsche 944 these cars were in excess of $70,000 when new and parts can be pricey!

The first model released was the 944 Lux and you should be able to find them with several of the optional extras installed by the original owner due to the savings made in not buying a 911! These included leather trim and air conditioning, as well as alloy wheels, electric windows and mirrors, low profile tyres and headlamp washers that came as standard on the Lux. The engine area had to do overtime on the Lux as it only came with a 164BHP unit and the Porsche 944 is a heavy car.

If you have a need for speed then the Porsche 944 Turbo should fit the bill nicely! Initial models came supplied with 225BHP before evolving to 250BHP as standard making this the ideal car for heading down the highway at warp speed in the 1980's, and still looking the part today. The Porsche 944S and S2 had slightly more grunt and the later model Lux gained a little in the later models with the addition of four valves per cylinder.

When buying a Porsche 944 please check the engine and suspension for a hard driven car. Also look out for crash damage, full service history and worn interiors.

In summary Buying a Porsche 944 was and is an inexpensive entry into Porsche ownership. The purist Porsche owners and fans will always claim it is not a proper Porsche due to its front mounted, water cooled engine but it is rear wheel drive and the transmission is mounted behind and compared to the VW powered 924 it has a Porsche engine. It is also worth bearing in mind that if track days are your passion then most of the 968CS suspension can be grafted onto the 944 making a great car for handling the track!

Author Andrew Whitehead - a self confessed petrol head has owned numerous classic cars from fully restored to basket cases! He now has a website to fuel his passion in all things auto and if you're looking to buy a Porsche 944 please visit http://www.americanautobid.com/blog

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